Backlink Checker Software

Backlink Miner is a professional backlink checker application.

- Find as many rank boosting backlinks in 30 minutes as expensive subscription tools without the expense or feeling like you are missing out on any data. -


Find topically/thematically related backlinks.

Identify backlinks from possible link networks.

Figure out the types of backlinks (blog, forum, directory, social, etc).

Uncover penalized links.

Pinpoint anchor text commonly associated with link spam.

Reveal pages containing content with common keyword spam.

Grab social activity of backlinks.

Analyze the best links for top ranking sites for any keyword.

Discover link sources that drive traffic not just link juice.

Determine targeted anchor text results in rankings.

Look for reciprocal links between the link source and target site.

Gauge authority of each backlink.

See search volume and CPC data for anchor text words/phrases.

Check to see if linking pages get any organic traffic.

Target rankings that drive conversions not just traffic.

Project Details:

C# / WPF / .NET 4.0

DevExpress Components

Developed in 2013 using Visual Studio 2012

UX / UI Design

Software Development

Software Protection

Licensing System Development & Implementation